Findlay Chalky’s

2021-22 League Startup Meetings

2021-22 League Startup Meetings




Weekly Standings

Weekly Standings

Weekly Notes

Weekly Notes







Coming Soon - 2021-22 Chalky's Schedule

Coming Soon – Chalky’s Schedule

2021-22 findlay Chalky's roster form

2021-22 Findlay Chalky’s roster Form

2019-20 Chalky's captain's notes and minutes

2019-20 Chalky’s captain’s notes and minutes


Katelyn Anderson, President                         810-869-0489              [email protected]

Brad Stough, Vice President                          567-525-6836             

Jerry Tripp, Secretary & Statistician              419-420-3500              [email protected]

Matt Bowling, Treasurer                                  915-355-2238



John Druschel                                                419-722-5687              [email protected]

Rick Bowling                                                  419-672-1132              [email protected]

Wes Russell                                                   419-722-6421              [email protected]

Jason Rayle                                                   419-889-7500              [email protected]

Don McAdams                                               419-348-6517              [email protected]

Brad Stough                                                  567-525-6836              [email protected]

NWOhioPool League Coordinator: Char Beck – [email protected]